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Episode Eight | 01/04/2008

Download Episode 8 (mp3) or listen right here:

This show was recorded back in February, but only now have we had the chance to edit it and get it out. This one features Mr Clayson more, which is a joy to behold.

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BTW – today is the 90th anniversary of the RAF!

Download Episode Eight as: m4a or as mp3

Tally ho and chocks away!


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Jon Hicks 1054 days ago

The m4a link goes to the mp3 file, you scoundrels!

I remember a chum having Lights Alive, which was a similar idea to Lite Brite, only I think you poked various tools in holes to turn the lights on. We were both about five at the time, I should add.

Barry Bloye 1054 days ago

You sirs might be interested in Stephen Fry’s podcast: Not often updated (it seems) but definitely good to listen to.

Sorry, no Fireworks tutorials!

James John Malcolm 1054 days ago

You should get yourself to the Elbow gig. Not only are they fantastic live (as Mr Oxton rightly pointed out), but support is by the marvellous Two Gallants. Superlative city.

Garrett Coakley 1054 days ago

SolarDreamStudios Fireworks Tutorials we’re moved here

Joshua Blount 1053 days ago

I remember using Ultraweaver when I first started, it’s still around if a little dead:

I also wrote my own tutorial a while back but haven’t followed up since.

It’s a shame when you consider just how many PhotoShop tutorials there are by comparison.

Luke L 1052 days ago

Gents, I’m afraid to say the iTunes subscription isn’t downloading the file :(

Phillip Price 1052 days ago

I know a couple of Fireworks resource websites. For example, Fireworks Zone but there do not seem to be too many out there. Shame.

Clive Walker 1051 days ago

I also came across this SmartCSS Fireworks extension tutorial recently. Probably not of interest for you CSS gurus but provides an interesting export option for CSS layouts from Fireworks

Clive Walker 1051 days ago

Re: Elbow live.
Absolutely, without a doubt, the greatest live act I’ve ever seen!

With ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ being rumoured to be their last ‘proper album’ this tour is an absolute must! The manchester date’s sold out though, which makes me cry… maybe I’ll make my way down to oxford and harass you guys there :)

Nick Harris 1048 days ago

Long-time listner (sort of), first-time poster here. Really digging the Fireworks love & am puzzled by the dearth of online resources. One that is solid, but a little scant on content (10 tutorials) is Rapid Fire.

Keep up the good work chaps . . .

Adam P 1047 days ago

Smashing magazine has gathered a nice collection of has some videos too.

Jaakko Knuutila 1047 days ago

I’ve always been a big Fireworks fan and was lucky enough to be a beta tester for CS3.

You should check out Alan Musselman’s blog. He runs a Fireworks Jam Session which is great –

Love the podcast and great to meet Mr. Hicks @ SXSW.

David Mead 1046 days ago

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to comment on the gigs thing… Elbow are indeed very good live, definitely better than on record, though the new album is great.

I would also suggest Sigur Ros at the Civica Arena in Milan in July, an open-air 200 year old building…. probably the most expensive gig I will ever go to with flights and so on, but sure to be astounding.

Hope you enjoyed Portishead as much as me!

James 1036 days ago

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Mark Law 1033 days ago

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