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Episode Eleven | 21/05/2008

Download Episode 11 (mp3) or listen right here:

The Texpattern appreciation episode or, if you prefer, the diss Paul Boag episode.

This episode’s linky-poos:

Tally ho and chocks away!


Top form guys! The funniest episode thus far I reckons. That ‘bonus material’ was well funny!

Kev Adamson 1004 days ago

Indeed, thanks for the outtakes! I think Jo(h?)n is a Gorilla in bed!

Tim Van Damme 1003 days ago

Keep on rocking from radio free Europe!

Uh, uh

Paco 1003 days ago

Good stuff, my biscuit question made it as an officewide debate! Textpattern is no1

Oliver Ker 1002 days ago

Nice post. Thanks.

elavil reviews 1001 days ago

Thanks for butchering my name on the Podcast.. Should have known better then to include my last name in the e-mail.. ;-) Your detailed answer to my question was greatly appreciated though!

Billy Janshon 1001 days ago

Great work chaps! As an Englishman marooned in Canada it’s great to hear a bit of the classic English banter every now and again. Keep up the great work.

Tim Fletcher 986 days ago

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