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Episode Fourteen | 17/06/2008

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Comin’ atch from the ‘wolds!

This episodes Linky Poos

Not many linkys this week – there more abstract concepts than usual.

Tally ho and chocks away!


Delightful podcast, as per usual.
One note – ‘Chryp’, I spy a typo!

Dave Nichols 797 days ago

The location of the server is actually something Google factors in for ranking sites. It’s more important for generic domains such as .com-s since Google will determine the country of origin by server location in that case (if you for example don’t specific otherview, like in the Webmaster Tools). If it’s a or any other country domain then the server location is less important. Basically, if you are targeting only a specific country, do get a local server and country TLD.

Nice podcast guys. Cheers from Croatia. :)

Ivan Brezak Brkan 796 days ago

As Ivan says, server location is a factor. (Or rather the location of the IP block.) At a certain company I used to work for (ahem) a tremendous amount of effort went in to making, for example, UK-specific sites appear to be hosted in the UK even if they’re hosted centrally in the US.

Drew 789 days ago

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