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Episode Nine | 09/05/2008

Download Episode 9 (mp3) or listen right here:

Recorded weeks ago, but finally edited!

This episodes link-poos:

Tally ho and chocks away!


Wow, this podcast is so much better than that Bogworld one.

Alun Rowe 1015 days ago

Whenever I try to download this podcast in iTunes, it says it’s downloading the episode but it just hangs and doesn’t show remaining time or progress. I’ve waited for ages and it only seems to be your podcast. I’ve listened online as much as I can (great podcast!) but I prefer to use iTunes. Any idea what’s wrong?

Ben Hayman 1015 days ago

Yea, having the same problem as @ben hayman. The mp3 version dulls the pain though :)

George Wiscombe 1015 days ago

Thanks for the linky-pooh chaps!

Tim Van Damme 1015 days ago

Sorry chaps – it looks like the feedburner version is going ka-ka. Please use the mp3 feed, as basically they’re both the same! We stopped doing the .m4a version a while back!

Jon Hicks 1015 days ago

Super podcast chaps; quality not quantity and all that ;)

Is there any chance you could up the overall volume level? I don’t have fancy noise-cancelling headphones so listening on the train is sometimes a bit of a challenge.

The good work: keep it up :)

Tim Beadle 1010 days ago

Mmmmmm, more sillyness and cursewords.
frantically taps inner elbow

Luke Dorny 1009 days ago

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