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Episode Sixteen | 01/09/2008

Download Episode 16 (mp3) or listen right here:


Summer break is over and we’ve finally had a chance to edit a show recorded back in June! We were blessed with plenty of flying aircraft noise in this episode, so it all sounds nice and authentic. Also I forgot to do the levels on this one, but never mind, I’m sure you’ll cope!


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Tally ho and chocks away!


Theme suggestion: hard-core technical discussion on JPEG compression?

John Bannister 901 days ago

Great episode! I was excited, what you’d say about microformats and then You actually said something I nearly could have said too, if anybody would have asked me ;)

You could discuss about HTML5 vs. XHTML 2 (once again … boring?!), or think about all that life streaming stuff going on now (from time to time you already mentioned Twitter, but there’s more – will this be the future of blogging?), or of course, tell us what you think about the redesign of the platform formerly known as


Götz Bürkle 900 days ago

Where do we get that tshirt?

• Music episode.
• Artistic influences episode.
• Killing sheep episode.
• Effective decisions episode.

• Web no-no’s episode.
• A list of stuff (lists of everything with massive link list, too) episode.
• Redesigning: the why’s and whatnots episode.

Thanks for keeping the air-raid siren sounding.

Luke Dorny 900 days ago

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