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Episode Two - the 'difficult episode' | 02/10/2007

Download Episode 2 (mp3) or listen right here:

After a suprisingly successful week, reaching #3 in the iTunes Technology podcast chart, and #82 in the overall podcast chart, it’s safe to say the pressure is bloody on! Then there were the plaudits from that Mr Boag on his Podcast! So, here is the ‘difficult second episode’ (like the difficult second album).

In this weeks show:

This shows hypertext goodness:

We have plenty of questions that we intend to use in the future, so don’t lose heart if yours hasn’t been answered. We may do some ‘specials’ where just answer one question (some of them are quite big!). Please send in your questions (preferably using the format “Does the panel think?” or “What can the panel suggest?” – that sort of thing, it makes it feel more Gardeners Worldy).

Download Episode Two - the 'difficult episode' as: m4a or as mp3

Tally ho and chocks away!

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