Season 1
Episode 8

This show was recorded back in February, but only now have we had the chance to edit it and get it out. This one features Mr Clayson more, which is a joy to behold.

The Questions

  • What Podcasts do you listen to regularly? John chose Summer Heights High video podcast.
  • Resources for Fireworks: There aren’t any – leave suggestions in the comments!
  • How do you respond when a client asks you just to ‘make a website?’.
  • Advice for a Morale Officer!
  • Differences between US and UK clients
  • Most British way to respond to client critiscm
  • Which gigs are most looking forward to this year? At any cost, we’d see Starflyer 59 (Jon)
  • Savoury pies: Shortcrust or Puff Pastry top? Best filling?
  • What CMS?
  • Would you rather design an entire web in lite brite or finger paint?
  • Tips for representing yourself online.

Since the recording of this episode, Safari 3.1 has been released, which supports @font-face – no need to download a nightly (unless you want to!).

BTW – today is the 90th anniversary of the RAF!